Uptown, Downtown

If you can make it here…

A nostalgic visit to NBC’s home in New York that captures both the luxury of the Upper East Side and the scrappier, edgier feel of downtown. A vintage vinyl collection is the soundtrack for putting your feet up on deep blue velvet couches surrounded by images of NBC icons, while graffiti, rock show posters, and custom steel shelves (made from salvaged street signs) remind you of the years you spent couch-surfing and hitting clubs downtown.

“My favorite things are the clock with numbers that flip like the train schedule boards at Grand Central Station, casting Lorne Michaels as Picasso’s 'Art Dealer',…and tagging the graffiti wall with ‘Gary’ - the name of Jimmy’s dog” - Kyla

Deep Dive Design Notes Lorne Michaels as Picasso’s “Portrait of An Art Dealer”; Steve Higgins “Pageboy” photo; Jimmy Fallon’s dog “Gary” graffiti tag; Barry Manilow Vintage Vinyl, Stieve Martin as seated wise-guy, & original paintings by Kyla Coburn

Old New York NBC Dressing Room

The Tonight Show in the Uptown, Downtown Dressing Room