Boho-Chic Backstage Refuge

Hippie style goes Hollywood for Maya Rudolph

Old showbiz glitz and glamour meet modern fun and funky in this room designed for Maya Rudolph, complete with a small “kids zone” for when her family visited from the West Coast. The small robots contain their own genius and were created by students at The Providence Center, a school for children with unique learning needs.

With thoughtful details like books on successful variety shows, family photos, and a dazzling sequined dress picked just for Maya, this room is a home-away-from-home.

“My favorite things are the collection of vintage mannequin heads showing the changing ideals of female beauty through time, and the hand-carved dressing screen.” - Kyla

Design Deep Dive

Maya Rudolph Boho-Chic Dressing Room

The Tonight Show in the Bohemian Chic Dressing Room