Questlove’s Chill Zone

A Soulful Tribute

Step into an immersive exploration of Questlove’s career, influences, and contributions to art and music that is filled with significance and detail. A stunning piece of salvaged church architecture frames saintly images of people who influenced and inspired Questlove.

J Dilla, who Questlove has called “the greatest rap producer of all time,” is the saint of Mixology. Odetta is the saint of Spirituals. Amiri Baraka is the saint of Poetry. Late Roots manager, Richard Nichols, is the saint of Ecology and Growth, and Fela Kuti - the Godfather of Afro-Beat, is the saint of Musicianship.

Each detail in the room was selected for both it’s significance and aesthetics. A vintage optometrist machine reminds us to maintain our clarity and vision, player piano scrolls become inspirational wallpaper, and a KISS coffee mug nods to Questlove’s admitted childhood “obsession” with the band, and his controversial vote for them to be admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“The opportunity to do a personal space for Questlove was a chance to pay tribute someone who has shaped generations of music. I spent weeks researching Questlove’s career and influences - pouring over old interviews, watching and listening to performances… in the hope I would get close to ‘the roots’ of his personal journey and create something that he would love.” - Kyla

Design Deep Dive King of Hearts pillow, custom sign created from Detroit road signs, gallery wall of Roots albums, vintage optometrist machine, wallpaper made from piano scrolls with poetic lyrics, travelling trunk, jazz-age violin case that holds a whiskey bottle, collection of Kiss memorabilia