A collected consciousness

Visit the private hideaway of an eclectic renaissance man - a room inspired by a small, dark, antique-store-found oil painting of John Lennon.

His friends’ portraits are on the wall - Jimmy as ‘Lord Fallon’, Bob Dylan, Christopher Walkin, Iggy Pop, Alan Rickman and Frank Zappa - ironically reimagined as military leaders. More portraits of his gypsie and snake charmer lovers rest on his desk.

Enter Mysterioso and you’re surrounded by a collection that reveals humility and a contemplative nature… touched by dark humor. Collected beetles, miniature operettas, rescued theater seats, sculptural taxidermy forms, vintage science journals and masonic nods, a nutcracker crafted in the shape of a woman’s legs… all with Joan Baez playing on the gramophone.

“This room has so many favorite details - I am in love with Mysterioso. I gave this room my WWI bud vase made from bullet casings, and a niche shelf I carried home from Morocco. We filled that shelf with miniature 3D-printed busts we made of The Roots.” - Kyla

Deep Dive Design Notes Vintage cookbook collection

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The Tonight Show in the Mysterioso Dressing Room