80’s PLAY

Get Your Game On…

Jump back in time to the 80’s and hang out in the coolest basement playroom in town. The color red dominates shelves full of authentic, vintage toys - Gumby, boxing gloves, ViewMaster, Etch-a-Sketch, Pin-Ball, kaleidoscopes… impossible to resist. Turn on the black lights, play pop art golf darts, and see the neon tracks that glow-in-the-dark Tron Bikes have left across the ceiling.

“So much to touch and feel and play with… my favorite detail is that Tonight Show guests can use the Light Bright to leave a message for the next guest who visits the room…” - Kyla

Deep Dive Design Notes Vintage Danish Pop Art Shag Rug, Custom “Pin Ball” Wall Paper, Vintage Orange Couch, Classic Pin Art Face, “Vinyl” Drink Coasters, designer Dressing Table & Mirror

80s Play NBC Tonight Show Dressing Room

The Tonight Show in the 80’s Play Dressing Room