The Roots Retreat

Where to go to flow…

On Friday afternoon, The Roots backstage room had white walls and gray floors and ceilings. By Monday, we wanted to surprise them with their own (stocked) Brooklyn bar. New brick walls were added and tagged with Nina Simone, vintage mint booths, a live-edge table top, custom light fixtures, and details create a chill spot. Antler bottle openers, Moroccan rugs, hat holders to display Tariq’s collection, vintage bar-ware and shakers... The collected parts are all as authentic as The Roots.

“I wanted to give the Roots a real spot to feel good and hang in, not just a place to change. The bottle cap tramp art and history / cultural references of the collected items in this room were a tribute to the smart timelessness of the band… and of course we made sure that the bar was fully stocked…” - Kyla

Design Deep Dives Industrial sculpture from a mill in New Bedford, MA, tramp art sculpture made from prohibition era bottle caps, Arthur Umanoff chairs, upcycled steel door, bent steel sculptural lamp (Detroit artist)

The Roots Bar NBC Dressing Room