Art Deco Stepback

A Sleek and Sophisticated Salon

‘Step Back’ in time and appreciate New York City’s Art Deco style - with 30 Rock at its epicenter. Luxurious textures, sensual lines, and extravagant details pay homage to the building’s rich history and the tremendous Deco patterns of NYC.

Warm, golden light shimmers and reflects around the room as it interacts with polished chrome, ceramic and glass. Pour a high-ball at the cocktail bar or have a sip of port from delicate crystal stemware, sink into a deep leather chair, and take the trip in.

“The playful details are my favorite part - the black panther lamp with the light-up eyes and the small framed nudes add just the right amount of naughtiness to a very luxurious room” - Kyla

Deep Dive Design Notes Vintage cabinet radio, period mirrors, antelope sculpture, chrome rotary telephone

Art Deco Stepback Dressing Room