Kyla Coburn created the design for Troop

Kyla Coburn created the design for Troop


Co-owners brewer Sean Larkin and chef Jason Timothy gave us the rundown on the new Olneyville hotspot.

January 17, 2018 by Jamie Coelho

Laughing Gorilla Catering and brewer Sean Larkin have teamed up for a new restaurant that’s now open in Olneyville. Troop serves international street food and Revival beers, alongside other brews and cocktails, in a vibrant, community atmosphere that pays homage to ’90s hip-hop culture and the skateboarding and surfing scene.

The space was designed by Kyla Coburn and her team of artists who painted murals and created a sculpture out of boomboxes stacked on top of each other. There’s a bar where skateboards are multipurposed as the backs of stools, and a cozy nook with hanging chairs, wicker seating and cushy bright-colored pillows. The view is straight out of Costa Rica with inspiration from A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan and the Beastie Boys alongside skateboarding and surfing details. You might hear an occasional profanity-laced song from the Spotify playlist, but it’s all part of the vibe that is a statement on the culture that the owners grew up in.

Designer Kyla Coburn sat down with the Troop owners to curate the restaurant look and feel through murals, furniture, artifacts and lighting. “Working with Kyla has been awesome,” says Sean Larkin, one of the five founders and co-owners, who also serves as Troop’s general manager. “I’ve appreciated all the stuff she’s done and this was an exercise in trust. We told her what we wanted to do and let her go wild.”

Jason Timothy is the chef and one of the five co-owners alongside Larkin, Leigh Vincola, Christopher Simonelli and a fifth silent partner. Timothy wanted to take the Laughing Gorilla menu to the next level with a more refined approach to global street food. With choices like the signature pork belly banh mi sandwich with handcut potato chips, yucca fries, street noodles and eggplant four ways, there are options for any kind of eater, adventurous or not. Laughing Gorilla continues as a catering company with chef Andrea LaFazia (formerly of Elmwood Diner and the Locals) heading up the catering while also serving as Troop’s sous chef. Troop, 60 Valley St., Providence, 401-473-2900, trooppvd.com