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what's all the buzz about kyla coburn designs?

Kyla Coburn Designs' work and and design philosophy has been featured in a broad selection of local, regional, and national publications. With their rich and textured designs, KCD-designed restaurants and bars consistently generate great press, great reviews, and tons of word-of-mouth social media posts on influential networks like Yelp!, Instagram, Open Table, and Facebook. Guests love taking and sharing photos of themselves in memorable and unique environments.  Contact Kyla Coburn Designs to start planning your next buzz-worthy project! 

For press inquiries, please call (401) 480-5082.


"The work of third generation RISD grad, Coburn has made more than art galleries forth stepping into and looking around"

"Boston is the canvas for a relatively new restaurant- and it's a masterpiece"

"creating a cult-like stir"

"Before we could even look at the menu, we had to marvel at the decor. The attention to detail is remarkable."

"I haven't felt this euphoric about a restaurant... you've got to go to this place"

"This place is truly spectacular"